The Information presented in this preparedness plan is a general overview of best practices and current information about prevention of the spread of COVID-19 at USMC Sports Leadership Academy (SLA) Clinics. It was compiled in conjunction with CDC regulations and guidelines as well as various local guidelines of 2020 clinic locations.  The requirements outlined are subject to change and are based on the individual locations phased reopening requirements (both at the State and local level). Many of the clinic locations have not released their guidelines for the scheduled dates that the clinics will take place and Clinics will adjust to local area requirements once released. The information provided will be adhered to by all USMC SLA staff, coaches, athletes, spectators, and Marines.

Government Guidance

USMC SLA Staff will frequently monitor and follow directions given by:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (
  • Department of Homeland Security (
  • Local, State and Federal Agencies

USMC Sports Leadership Academy provided supplies

  • USMC SLA Face Masks
  • Latex Gloves for USMC SLA Staff
  • 1/100 Bleach Solution for Sanitization
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer for Sanitizing Stations
  • Disposable masks for those in attendance that do not have their own
  • No Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometers

USMC Sports Leadership Academy Updated Signage

  • Signage for social distancing and COVID-19 preparedness will be displayed at clinics
  • Examples include: Check-in and registration line social distancing; Food and beverages will be handled by our staff only; Masks must be worn for duration of clinic; Sanitizing station signs; Wash your hands bathroom signs; You are not permitted inside facility if you’ve shown any symptoms in last two weeks; Temperature checks are required to enter the facility and to re-enter if you depart; Parents and Families that will be watching during the clinic will adhere to social distance and mask policies.

USMC Sports Leadership Academy Safety, Sanitation, and Preparedness Protocol

  • All Clinic safety briefings will discuss transmission and prevention guidelines. Aggressive personal hygiene throughout the day will be followed: wash and sanitize hands frequently for coaches, athletes, and staff.
  • USMC SLA Staff will have increased staffing at each clinic to facilitate additional COVID-19 requirements.
  • Sanitation stations will be set up in multiple locations that will hold various supplies for our coaches, Marines, staff, athletes, and spectators.
  • USMC SLA staff will utilize social distancing when conducting coach and Marine morning in-briefs. Groups will be broken down into small group meetings and staggered meeting times will be used.
  • USMC SLA Staff will be enforcing social distancing guidelines throughout the day.
  • Athletes, coaches, and other clinic participants will now need to sign off and acknowledge safety guidelines before participating.
  • USMC SLA staff security or host facility staff member will police adherence to social distancing measures and access points into the facility.

Pre-Check in / Temperature Check

  • USMC SLA staff will conduct temperature checks outside the main entrance of facility before Marines, coaches, athletes, parents, and staff are welcomed inside the facility to check in. Every clinic attendee will have their temperature tested upon arrival to the complex.
  • Those with high temperatures (above 100.4 in accordance CDC guidelines) will not be allowed to participate or enter the facility. Checks will be made to re-enter the facility if a person departs.

Check in / Registration / PPE

  • Check-in will be conducted by USMC SLA Staff on BBIM issued laptops. Registration sheets will be an interactive document reducing the requirements for multiple persons touching pens and paper.
  • Masks and water bottles will be distributed during check-in. Every athlete, coach, Marine, and USMC Staff member will wear masks and only use water bottle issued to them or one they have brought.

Opening / Closing Ceremonies

  • USMC SLA Staff Lead will use sound system to open and close the clinic to ensure all participants can hear what the speakers are saying while practicing social distancing. Marines will control athletes to separate them for the full group ceremonies. Coaches and Marines will also practice social distancing.
  • USMC SLA Staff will address the full clinic group about safety and social distancing expectations during the clinic and answer questions or concerns the athletes might have before the clinic starts.

Physical Training (PT) and Skill Sessions

  • PT sessions will also adhere to social distancing guidelines utilizing EXTENDED PT FORMATION for execution.
  • All athletes will be placed in small groups before skills sessions start. Athletes will remain in these groups throughout the day.
  • USMC SLA Staff will sanitize all equipment on a regular basis such as balls in use, equipment used for drills, all tables before and after use, clipboards, etc.
  • Skills and Drills sessions: Athletes will breakout into position groups and then split into smaller groups as necessary. These will be contactless drills. Coaches will work with each athlete in their group.

Evaluations and Competitions

  • Evaluations: One coach per evaluation group will hold all evaluation cards and one pen to record their athlete’s name, jersey #/color and eval numbers. Evaluations may consist of: 40 Yard Dash, Broad Jump, Shuttle run, push-ups/sit ups, 3 cone drill, etc.
  • Competition sessions: Will observe social distancing guidelines. Where possible (and in accordance with local guidelines), live competition (i.e. 1 on 1’s and 7 on 7’s for football, or 11 v 11 for soccer) may take place. For Clinics where local guidelines do not permit such activities, other competitions that can be done with smaller group numbers and minimal contact will take place.
  • Team Building activities will only consist of activities that can be done in small groups and require minimal contact.

Food & Beverage

  • ALL food and drinks (including lunch) will be handed out by USMC SLA Staff wearing appropriate PPE during the event. This staff will ALWAYS wear fresh gloves and masks when distributing these items.
  • Athletes, Coaches, and Marines will be handed the food and not grab and go.
  • Lunch will be served in small group shifts and social distancing guidelines will be adhered to.
  • Athletes may bring their own lunch if they choose to.
  • All Athletes, Coaches, and Marines should bring their own water bottle for the clinic.

Marine Leadership Talks

  • Marine Leadership Talks: These talks will occur in the small groups that athletes were placed in for skill sessions and socially distant to other groups that are included in the same leadership talk.
  • (Ex. Groups 1,2 & 3 (10 athletes in each) in a leadership talk with a Marine could be social distanced within their groups and their groups spread out around the speaker to further social distance)

Awards / End of day Send Off

  • Awards: Instead of ballots, coaches and Marines will verbally provide numbers / jersey colors of athletes to cast votes for awards. USMC SLA staff will note the votes from each coach and Marine and tally up to declare winners of All Event and All Leadership Teams and all individual awardees.
  • USMC SLA goodie bags will be laid out for the departure of athletes. Each athlete will grab their own bag. Marines will be standing behind tables thanking athletes for coming out.